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Can’t I just outsource Social Media?

Don't let your Social Media hired gun fire blanksAt face value it seems like a reasonable proposition. In reality, it is not nearly as simple. If we forget that Social Media is just as much about Social as it is about Media, we lose one of the major benefits of this activity.

For some organisations with limited resources, outsourcing the majority of the effort may be the only option. But that doesn’t mean it is set and forget or pay the bill and ignore. Without appropriate guidelines, monitoring and some involvement in the day to day operation, your business will have no direct connection with the customers and even less with the message being disseminated on your behalf. Remember it is your business. It is based on your skills and effort. The customers of the business are your customers. How will you cultivate a relationship with those customers, find out what concerns them, what questions they have, without some communication.

Has your business reached the point where you no longer have time to talk with customers on the showroom floor or go on site to measure and quote or do installs? If you are at or beyond that point did you feel the disconnect? Or have you chosen to always find some time to remain involved? I think you need to approach Social Media the same way.

Depending on which platforms you choose to present your business, I think you should

  • have administrator access to your Facebook account and be able to post a status update, load a few photos and respond to customers when they ask questions.
  • be able to log onto your Twitter account and “tweet”
  • find and re-pin someone else’s relevant photos or upload some of your own photos to a board in your own account in Pinterest
  • add a comment to a Google+ post

And before you start saying how little time you have, take a quick read of at least the first couple of paragraphs of Four Ways Leaders Can Integrate Social Media, which discusses a couple of billionaires in vastly more complex organisations than yours who have found time to participate. You don’t have to be as active as they are, but you should understand the basics.

Of course, this presumes you have seen the light and are interested in adding Social Media to your online presence. If you need help getting started you know who to call.

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