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Courtesy and common sense go a long way

FailRecently I downloaded a list of “current positions” at Driver Care (Careers at Driver Care). I wasn’t looking for a job, just researching websites. It was displayed as a text link to a PDF file and the text read “For current opportunities click here”. Imagine my surprise when I opened the file to discover the content of the file was simply “No current positions Vacant”.

In this circumstance, how hard would it be to put on the web page “there are no positions vacant at present” and remove the link to the PDF file? Why force the extra step when no more information is available?

Perhaps this organisation doesn’t consider those applying for jobs as customers. But every user of the website is worth being treated with courtesy. What sort of message does it send to those who are eventually recruited (assuming of course some jobs are eventually posted)?

Website testing for features such as this need to consider a range of possible scenarios. I just don’t get it. Handling 0 jobs seems fairly basic. I score this facility a #FAIL.

Have you seen similar strange behaviour? I’d love to hear about it. Put some comments below.

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