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Content doesn’t grow on trees, but …

.. you can find it if you’re prepared to look. The trick is knowing where to look.

I’m currently reading “Content Rules” by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman, so maybe thoughts of content creation are very active for me at the moment. However, I was speaking with a new client recently and the topic of content just happened to come into the conversation.

[Just in case there’s anyone visiting here who isn’t already on the path to enlightenment, I think content is one of the 3 primary elements for a successful website. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to develop content.]

Back to the recent conversation. We were discussing some options for the development of new content. We had covered the value of a good FAQ and adding to it progressively. I tried to plant the seed of blogging but in this situation it is probably a little soon. [Greg, we may need to revisit this at some point.]

Relying on the advice in “Content Rules” to consider a wide definition of content, I showed another of my websites where we have a expanded the idea of before and after photos in a reconstruction setting to show a sequence of shots to demonstrate the range of steps required to complete the reconstruction. This idea struck a chord. Immediately, the client could envisage a way of producing material that would serve a couple of purposes:

  1. provide content to the website;
  2. show the construction process for some of his products (benefits: demonstrate confidence in the product, show the quality of the construction and help justify the cost); and
  3. keep his web guy from continuously haranguing him about content.

In his particular circumstance, this is not an onerous requirement. All manufacturing is done on the premises, so for particular jobs all it will take is to insert a “take photo” task on the construction plan.

I’m not sure if he got this part of the message but I will be expecting some text to go with the individual photos. [Greg, you have been warned.]

What innovative ways are you using to develop content? You can either add your ideas in the comment section or if you found this on Facebook why not add some comments on the wall.

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